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AirHead Valve Kit

AirHead Valve Kit

  • $ 19495

Each Valve Kit Contains: (Except for Valve Kit #1 )

-Two (2) Intake Valves

-Two (2) Exhaust Valves

-Four (4) High Temperature Valve Guides

-Four (4) Valve Spring Except for R69/R69S Kits

*Valve Kit #1 on contains Two (2) Intake Valves, Two (2) Exhaust Valves, and Four (4) High Temperature Valve Guides

**Valve Kit #6 is available with either 40 degree and/or 33 degree exhaust valves. 33 degree exhaust valves are standard for 1987 and ON for 1000cc Airheads. Exhaust seat change required when used on 1977-1986 1000cc models.


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