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About Us

Mission: Provide excellent quality expertise, services, and honesty to customers.

EUBMW started in February 2009 providing motorcycle maintenance, services, and restoration for motorcycle enthusiast and riders. Today, we have become one of the most trusted and well known BMW motorcycle specialist in Alexandria, VA.

Khanh’s main goal is to provide customers SATISFACTION and make them HAPPY. It brings him joy that he is able to help riders without high cost maintenance compared to other BMW motorcycle mechanics. Not only does he work on vintage (1950s), classic, and modern BMW motorcycles; he provide services to most if not all motorcycles.

When other motorcycle shops aren’t able to provide customer the satisfaction or service, He is willing to take job and ensure his customers are happy. Sometimes motorcycles are sent across the United States to Virginia for Khanh to get the motorcycle up and running. Khanh trust his customers and his customers trust him.

For any questions you may have, please fill out the information below.