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German Jahn Light Bulbs and Light Bulb Kits

  • $ 840

For BMW, Japanese, and USA Motorcycles

Bulb Kits are packed in Foamed Plastic

Each Kit Contains Headlight Bulb(s), Parking Light, Brake Light, Signal, Instrument Bulb, and Safety Fuse (except 1954-1969)

H-7 and Superblue H-7 Kit contains Two (2) H-7 Bulbs or Superblue Bulbs

60/55W means this bulb is a dual filament where 60W is for the high beam and 55W is the low beam rating.

Halogen Bulbs can Explode if dropped or broken. Always wear EYE PROTECTION when handling Halogen Bulbs. NEVER TOUCH BULBS with BARE HANDS. We recommend that you DISCONNECT The GROUND CABLE or BATTERY when installing Bulbs and Electrical Components. All Bulbs are manufactured in accordance with European Union Rules & Standards.


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